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Pasture Clearing

All of our machines cut and move trees out of the way on their own. You don’t have to pay the cost of another machine to push trees so we can keep cutting.  This saves thousands of dollars in our clearing strategy.  
Is your pasture getting overrun with trees?  Call Twister Mud for all your pasture clearing needs.  With a 240 hp Timber King feller buncher, that can cut and pile up to 200 trees an hour. That’s over three trees a minute, and 1600 trees in an eight hour day.  This is a purpose built machine that has one thing on its agenda, clear trees.  It cuts on hillsides and along creeks with it’s 24 foot reach and handy accumulator cutting trees off a fence or keeping them out of creeks are a breeze for this machine.   
We also have a 111 hp compact track loader with a brush mulcher and tree saw that we built to clear brush and the smaller trees.  Our saw has a pusher built on it so we don’t have to have a dozer or switch attachments to push trees out of the way to keep clearing.  In the long run it saves you money.
We recently purchased Jerry Soule's tree cutting machine.  For the last 15 years this machine has been cutting trees in south east Kansas.  This machine, like our Feller Buncher, is a purpose built machine. Made to do  one thing, CLEAR TREES!!

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